Bury contains much more than architectural heritage and a legendary golf course! Berries, including fabulous sea buckthorns, as well as wild meats, vegetables, organic products and local craft bakery are all on the Bury bucket list!

AS du Fumoir

Frédérick Martel Leech & Josianne Viau


819 588-8028



Himalayan smoked salt, himalayan smoked salt smoked flavored with basil, himalayan smoked salt flavored with parsley, himalayan smoked salt flavored with rosemary, himalayan smoked salt flavored with thyme, spring mix, forest mix, smoked honey, smoked oil

Point of sale: visit the facebook page.

Bleuetière Chez Dan

Daniel Jacques

301, route 214 (chemin Victoria), Bury

819 872-3877


Blueberry plants: Mai 1st 10 October 15th.

Blueberries: July 28th to September 15th.

Lingonberry (wild cranberries).                      

Plants, frozen and pick your own or pre-picked.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Pick your own from 8 am to twilight.

Cerisaie Passions Cerises

Daniel Fréchette

441, chemin Barter, Bury

819 872-1002



Cherries pre-picked or pick your own: mid-July to mid-August.

Rhubarb pre-picked or pick your own.

Asparagus, squash and various vegetables.

Point of sale: on site, call before, of check the Facebook page for details.

Linda Shattuck et David Cosman

74, chemin Kirkpatrick, Bury

819 872-3739


Maple syrup.


Point of sale: on site, year round.

Ferme Brookbury

Karrie Parent et Alain Boucher

140, route 255 Nord, Bury

819 349-9672


Organic honey and wild flowers.                                    

Point of sale: on site, call before.

Ferme Coop Point du Jour

Dominique St-Arnaud, Thomas Boisvert St-Arnaud et Christophe Berthias

815, chemin Hardwoodflat, Bury

819 872-3876




Porc and chicken field raised (cuts), grass fed beef, eggs. Available year long.


Processed products

Pork sausages, pork smoked meat, cretons, maple wood smoked ham and bacon nitrites free, marinated chicken wings.

Point of sale : on site from 8 am to 5 pm, call to confirm.

Picnic area.

Frédéric Verville et Marilyn Ouellet

931, rue de Hardwood Flat, Bury

819 349-3041


Vegetables baskets, availables in drop off points (Bury, East Angus, Scotstown, Sherbrooke) from June to December. Winter baskets available, visit the website for more details.


Ferme Évolution

Dominique Gravel et Sandy Lalancette

676 route 108, Bury

819 872-3232



Grass-fed Highland beef, grain ducks and chickens, handcrafted maple syrup.


Point of sale: on site.

Ferme La Paysanne

Ferme La Paysanne

Yvon, Colette et Sylviane Bégin


819 640-6148


Garlic flower, grass fed beef, by quarters.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Ferme Manimelo

Maryse Bégin et Nicolas Lapointe

580, chemin Hardwood Flat, Bury

819 872-3222


Rabbit, pastured raised goat meat kid and grain-fed chicken: reservation required,


Point of sale: on site from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Friday. Call to confirm.

Ferme Ô P'tit Soins

Cindy Baillargeon & Benoit Poirier

671, route 108, Bury

819 578-3718 / 819 620-7152



Meat without hormones or antibiotics; kid, rabbit, horse, calf, pork, chicken.

Fresh eggs.

Processed product

Kid's terrine (plain, maple, cognac and cranberries). Boulette and creton kid. Sausage varied (pork, veal, horse). Smoked products (bacon and pork ham).


Point of sale

IGA Cookshire (Kid's Terrine)

At the Farm, at the year, call before

In some public markets summer and winter as well as some Christmas market and other events.

Ferme Paquon (La)

La Ferme Paquon

Odette Caron et Sylvain Paquette

901, route 108, Bury

819 872-3314


Pasture raised pork, in portions, grain-fed chicken, wild turkey (whole), pheasant, Guinea fowl, partridge, rabbits, hen's and duck eggs, all available year long.

Processed products

Homemade bread, raviolis, headcheese, pork and lamb sausages, broth and poultry stock.


Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Picnic area and farm visit.

Jardins de Bury (Aux)

Josée Jolin

422, chemin Tambs, Bury

819 872-1047



Seasonal vegetables from June to October.

Flowers, herbs, melons and squashs.

Point of sale: on site.

Picnic area.

Ferme Rofalex

Luke Fréchette et Marie-France Poirier

471, chemin Crossbury, Bury

819 872-1113 / 819 993-0818


Lamb in portions, quarters, whole and for méchoui, available year long.

Processed products

Lamb sausages.        ​

Point of sale: on site, by appointment. Shipping available.

Farm visit.

Christiane Chartier

488, rue Stokes, Bury

819 872-1009



Common sea-buckthorn.

Processed products

Sea-buckthorn Jams and desserts.



Traditional bakeries, breads, pizzas, pastries.


Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Émilie Turcotte Côté

95, chemin Antoine, Bury

819 832-3090


Squashes, potatoes, melons, flowers.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Flower bouquet subscription.

870, route 108, Bury

819 300-4029


Pastured porc, lamb, chicken, turkey.

Free range eggs, fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides.

Point of sale: on site. 

Miel Dan-B

Daniel Gagnon


514 710-3171


Different types of honey, available year-round.


Honey tasting.

Point of sale: on site by appointment.

Ranch Cornes Royales

Lee Anne Sévigny et Richard Roy

549, route 108, Bury

819 578-4627


Highland and Angus beef, lamb, pork, chicken, available year long.

Mulberries and strawberries, plants and fruits.

Strawberries, plants and fruits.​

Point of sale : on site, by appointment.

Praxède Lévesque Lapointe

786, chemin Herringville, Bury

819 872-3346


Maple syrup,

Processed products

Butter, taffy, jellies, cones, sugar loaf, fondants, candies and granulated sugar. Cocoa butter et cocoa butter flakes.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment. Online. 

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