Chartierville’s local glories are mainly derived from its waterways. Whether you are attracted by gold panning or delicious trout from the Pisciculture Magnétique, come and visit!

Pisciculture Magnétique

Pisciculture Magnétique

Christophe Leclerc Auger

125, route St-Hyacinthe, Chartierville

819 312-8300


Brook trout, rainbow trout.


Processed products

Smoked trout, canned trout and trout mousse.

Point of sale: on site, call to confirm or visit the facebook page.

Fishing pound.

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Ascot Corner – Bury – Cookshire-Eaton –

Dudswell – East Angus –

Canton de Hampden – La Patrie -

Canton de Lingwick - Newport –

Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton- Scotstown –

Weedon - Westbury