Vegetables & fruits

Argrouseraie des Hauts-Sapins

Jean-François Brisson

390, chemin Hodgman. Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-3440



Point of sale: on site.

Aspergeraie de Weedon enr.

Micheline Lacroix et Léo Provencher

1113, 2e Rang Sud, Weedon

819 877-3368


Spring: asparagus, rhubarb and Jerusalem artichoke.

Autumn: horseradish jar.

Processed products

Asparagus puree.

Point of sale; on site from 9 am to 6 pm everyday,

Base (La)

Volodymyr Kyrytsya

Daniel road, La Patrie

819 239-4717


Seasonal vegetables (from july 1st to novembre 1st).

Baskets of  vegetables, reservation required.

4510, chemin Orr, Cookshire-Eaton (Johnville area)

819 861-2538


Blueberries, fresh and frozen, jam.

Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

Bleuetière Chez Dan

301, road 214 (chemin Victoria), Bury

819 872-3877


Blueberries (fresh, frozen, plants), airelles rouges.



Plants, pick your own or pre-picked.

Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

Bleuetière du Lac Miroir

Brigitte Cloutier

28, chemin Gosford, Dudswell (Bishopton area)

819 574-1327


Fresh blueberries picked or pick your own (from mid-July to the end of August).

Point of sale: on site by appointment.

Pick your own.

Bon Légume Savage

Daniel Savage

104, chemin Ham, Dudswell (Marbleton area)

819 887-6675


Garlic (from July to October).

Seasonal vegetables.

Wild mushrooms (mid-July to end of October).            

Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

Ceriseraie Passions Cerises

441, chemin Barter, Bury

819 872-1002


Cherries and rhubarb, picked and pick your own..

Asparagus, squash and various vegetables.

Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

Pick your own.

1860, Spring Road, Cookshire-Eaton

819 566-0319


Mushrooms (fresh and dehydrated ).             


Point of sale: on site, by appointment or online orders.

Ferme Adam et Elle s.e.n.c.

Danielle Leclerc et Serge Adam


514 703-1888


Garlic scapes, mid-June to mid-Juily.

Garlic mid-July, available while supplies last.

Processed products


Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Ferme au Pré Bleu

Olivier et Nicolas Simard

409, chemin Paul, Ascot Corner

819 832-3959


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, squash ans pumpkins.


Pick your own, before coming, check the state of the fields on Facebook, by phone or on Google.

Point of sale: on site, from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm, during harvest season..

Maxime Forget et Valérie Sanders, vegetable producers & co owners
49, chemin de la Rivière au Saumon, Weedon
873 200-3056

Spinach, variety of melons, variety of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, variety of peppers and hot peppers, artichokes, variety of cabbage, variety of potatoes, variety of kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, turnips, celeriac, celery, multicolored radish.


Fine herbs: thyme, rosemary, cury, chives, stevia, parsley, coriander, marjoram, sage, lovage, chervil, variety of Thai basil, anise, lemongrass. Edible flowers: marigolds, pansies, sunflowers From June 29, 2020 to November 20.


Point of sale: Baskets of seasonal vegetables delivered to your home (weekly or bi-monthly). Winter vegetable baskets, monthly, December 1 to March 2.


2 Drop-off points: Coco-La-Thé, 395, 10e avenue Sud, Sherbrooke. Clarke & Fils Ltee, 2881 Rue Collège, Sherbrooke.

*BRING YOUR REUSABLE BAGS for drop-off points

Ferme Clodel S.E.N.C.

Sylvie De Lafontaine et Réjean Cloutier

188, chemin Hooker, Dudswell (secteur Bishopton)

819 884-1117


Garlic scapes, 5 types of garlic, eggs, lamb cuts.

Processed products

Garlic braids.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Caroline Poirier et Sébastien Alix

111, route 108, Lingwick

819 877-5254


Vegetables baskets and lamb.              


Ferme du Coq à l'Âne

Frédéric Verville et Marilyn Ouellet

931, rue de Hardwood Flat, Bury

819 349-3041


Vegetables baskets, available in drop off points (Bury, East Angus, Scotstown, Sherbrooke) from June to December. Winter baskets available, visit the website for more details.

Ferme Ghislain et Hélène Gauthier enregistré

1220, 4e rang

819 877-2474


A large variety of squash and garlic.

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

98, chemin Flanders, Sawyerville

819 889-2854

Organic Products
Various vegetables, herbs and berries.
Baskets available and public markets.

To know more point of sale, call 819 889-2854.

540, chemin Labonté, Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-5156


Apples, apples juice.       

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Pick your own.

Ferme La Paysanne


819 640-6148


garlic flower, grass fed beef : by quarters.

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Myriam et Luc

780 ch. Sawyerville, Sawyerville, J0B 3A0

Find us on Facebook and Instagram



Vegetable baskets: June to October for 18 weeks.

Fresh eggs.

Points of sale

Farm stand open from June on Fridays only. Point of sales in Sherbrooke. Visit the website for more.

429, route 253, Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-1683


A large variety of vegetables. Fresh herbs, ground cherries, melons, cantaloupes.


Points of sale at Cookshire and Sherbrooke.


Ferme Les 3 Pouces Verts

525, chemin Chute, Cookshire-Eaton

819 919-1510


Vegetables, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, honey, eggs, Berkshire porc, in portions.

Point of sale on site, by appointment. or see availability on Facebook.

Hôtes Épinettes (Les)

655, chemin Dubé, Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-5309


A variety of vegetables, in baskets or pick your own, farm-raised grain fed chicken and turkeys, eggs,          

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Pick your own.

J. Omer Dionne

Pierre Dionne

810, chemin du Bassin, Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-3329


Russet and red potatoes, from September to Mai.

Point of sale: on site, by appointment.

Chantal Bolduc
70, chemin Ramboro, Cookshire-Eaton (secteur Sawerville)
819 889-3196


A large variety of vegetables.

​Processed products
Traditional bread oven available, oven baked pizza.
Possibility to rent the bread oven and the JCS site for parties or other events.

Point of sale : Marché Villageois de Sawyerville on Saturdays from July 5th to September 28th from 10:30 am to 12:30.

Mercrediner from June 18th to September 18th, reservation required.

Picnic area.

Jules Ellyson

6465, chemin de la Rivière, Ascot Corner

819 566-8371


Strawberries, raspberries, vegetables, corn.

Point of sale : on site. Visit the Web site for schedule, or call.

Pick up your own.

Jardins de Bury (Aux)

Josée Jolin

422, chemin Tambs, Bury

819 872-1047


A variety of vegetables (from the end of June to the end of October).                                            


Flowers, fresh herbs, melons and pumpkins.

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Jardins de Maggie (Les)

Gaston Côté

36, route 112, Dudswell

819 822-9371


Eggs, rabbit, grain fed chicken, available years long.

Vegetables, including asparagus and pumpkins.


Sale on site on weeks evenings, Saturdays and Sundays during the daytime, please call.

488, rue Stokes, Bury

819 872-1009


Common sea-buckthorn.

Processed products

Sea-buckthorn Jams and desserts.



Traditional bakeries, breads, pizzas, pastries.


Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Emilie Turcotte-Côté

95, chemin Antoine, Bury

819 832-3090


Squashes, summer strawberries, melons, flowers.

Floral subscriptions.

Point of sale on site, by appointment.

Légumes Korzina

Brenda Thomas, Suzanne Marrow et Ross Thomas

77, chemin French, Cookshire-Eaton

819 875-3317



Point of sale: Sawyerville Villagers Market.


870, route 108, Bury

819 300-4029


Fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides.

Also : pastured raised porc, lamb, chicken, turkey.

Point of sale: on site, self-service kisoque.

Sammuel Tanguay et Jason Lessard

40 chemin de Randboro

Sawyerville (Cookshire-Eaton) J0B 3A0

819 342-4312


Seasonal vegetables (june to october).

Eggs from free range chicken (year round).


Point of sale

On site

Sawyerville Villagers' Market.

Gert Janssens
273 chemin Beaver Ridge, Newport
819 875-1606

Honey and vegetables baskets, meat from Ferme d’ORée.


Point of sale, by appointment 819 875-1606.

O'Gousses d'ail

Hélène Boucher

304, chemin Hooker, Dudswell (secteur Bishopton)

514 594-6135


Garlic and garlic scapes.

Processed products

Garlic braids and bunchs, marinated garlic, dehydrated garlic flakes, dehydrated garlic flower, garlic flowers for BBQ.

Point of sale: on site, you can call to know others point of sale.

Ranch Cornes Royales

549, route 108, Bury

819 578-4627


Highland and Angus beef, lamb, porc, chicken.

Mulberries and strawberries, plants and fruits.

Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

Serres Bo-Jardins

Denise et Alain Rodrigue

5677, chemin Lemelin, Ascot Corner

819 563-4629 / 819 578-2948


Greenhouse and fields vegetables ( from  April 15  to November 30).

Point of sale: on site, call to confirm schedule.

Vivaces de Carmen (Les)

Carmen Gaudreau et Jean Desrochers

882, chemin Boucher, Ascot Corner

819 569-9888


Hostas and edible daylilies, from mid-July to mid-September.


By appointement.

Woodlanders Farm

Brian Creelman

69, route 112, Dudswell (secteur Bishopton)

819 832-4969


Heritage garlic varieties. Available from mid-September to December.

Garlic flowers available in June and July. Chicken and duck eggs also available. Phone us for the eggs.


Point of sale; on site, by appointment.

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